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Auto Dismantlers Lower North Island

Almost everyone has heard of scrap yards, the place where junk cars go to die. They are where wreckers do all their auto recycling. First, they buy the scrap vehicle from the owner, then they bring it to the yard where it is dismantled and wrecked. They are beneficial in a lot of ways, including the fact that they are helping out the environment. But not everyone has a full understanding of how it works. For instance, do they only buy cars? Or do they also buy Utes, SUV’s, trucks, 4×4’s and vans?

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The Importance of Vehicle Dismantlers

Vehicle dismantlers play a huge part in getting old cars disposed of. The alternative would be to leave our junk cars in a land fill or junkyard to just pile up. Not only is this a huge waste of scrap metal that can be recycled to be used again. It is also a source of pollution. These cars still often have fluids that are toxic to the environment in them that can leak out and be incredibly harmful.

The only conclusion one can make is that we can’t do without these great companies. They perform an amazing service for the communities that they operate in. As an added bonus, they also sell the parts that they salvage, providing people with a place to buy cheap parts instead of having to resort to brand new expensive parts.

Guidelines of the Strict Variety

Scrap cars often still contain toxic substances within them. For this reason, junk vehicles need to be handled carefully and safely. Strict guidelines are required in order to make sure that all these scrap yards don’t do more harm than good. These guidelines and rules are provided by the local government. They tend to differ depending on the state, but overall, they all aim for the same goal. Stopping any bad chemicals don’t get into the local environment.

Why Should You Sell Your Junk Car to Auto Dismantlers?

You won’t just be helping the environment. There are other great incentives that make selling an old, used or unwanted car to a scrap yard an attractive option. The most obvious one is the fact that you get paid money for the vehicle. This is far more beneficial than simply dumping the vehicle and getting nothing. Or worse yet, paying a towing company to haul it off to a landfill or junkyard.

Add to that the fact that this is an incredibly fast method for selling vehicles. Maybe your vehicle works just fine. You just need to make some fast money, and your car is the only asset you have that will make the required amount of sold. Lower north island car wreckers will take your vehicle and pay you good cash for it in less than twenty-four hours!

What the Auto Dismantling Process Involves

So, you want to sell your old vehicle to a licenced and certified salvage yard? Perhaps you want to know what will happen to the vehicle once it gets to the salvage yard. Here is a basic run down for those out there with a burning curiosity in relation to this question.

  1. The Fluids Are Drained: This is the first thing that happens. It needs to be first, otherwise there is a huge risk that the fluids will spill during the dismantling process. For this reason, substances such as Freon, engine oil, antifreeze and so forth are all drained. They are usually recycled.
  2. Dismantling the Car: Why is the condition the car in completely irrelevant as to whether the wreckers will buy it or not? Because whatever the state of disrepair is, it can still be dismantled. There will still be parts and components that can be re-used.
  3. Parts and Materials are Recycled: When the vehicle is dismantled, all the parts that can be re-used are added to a used parts inventory for later re-sale. Parts that are in bad condition are sold as scrap metal to scrap metal yards. Any plastic is also recycled. The same goes for all the other materials. Most of every car is fully recycled.
  4. The Shell of the Car Gets Crushed: Eventually, after the vehicle has had all the parts salvaged, the rest of it is crushed at a crushing facility. This process involves flattening and shredding. A magnet then separates the metal from the non-metal.

How to Prepare the Vehicle for the Recyclers

  1. Remove Valuable Components: If you have an expensive sound system in your automobile, you should probably remove it before selling it to a car wrecking company. If you can think of other expensive components you should have them removed. You can either install them on your next car or sell them and make more cash.
  2. Take Personal Items out: Do you have something in the boot like an expensive tool kit that you want to keep? You should remove it from the vehicle. Have a search to see if there are any other things you may have forgotten about.
  3. Check that you have a Valid Title: It is important that you have the title ready. This just ensures that the ownership is properly transferred. So, when the car removal experts come over to provide their free removal service after buying the car off you, be sure to have that title on you.
  4. Take the Fuel out: Do you still have petrol in your car’s tank? You should remove it as you can use it in your replacement car after you buy it. Otherwise, you will just be throwing money away!

In Conclusion

Do you have an old car that you can no longer drive due to its state of disrepair? You have the option of selling it to Welly scrap yard in lower north island. We will sort you out by offering free car removal service, and you will be able to get some good cash as well.

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