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Scrap Truck Buyer Wellington

One can already assume that selling a truck would be an activity full of hassles. But if the truck, 4wd, van or SUV happens to be a junk, the difficulty factor only increases exponentially. If you want to sell it fast, it may seem like an impossible task to ask of anyone. That is, unless you know all about us here at Welly Scrap Yard. We are here for the people of Wellington and the rest of lower north island, who own trucks that are no longer in good enough condition to sell via the normal avenues. We also buy Utes that are in such bad shape that the only way to properly describe them would be to use the word “scrap”. Get a free valuation today.

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Wellington’s Scrap Truck Wrecking Industry’s Leading Beacons of Light

The people of Wellington can be glad for many reasons. However, possibly the best thing about living in Wellington is due to its thriving truck wrecking industry. And this can all be boiled down to the fact that Wellington has Welly scrap yard. The best car wreckers in lower north island. We have a deep passion for wrecking trucks. Maybe this is the reason for why we have a habit of offering such generous amounts of cash for old trucks.

If you have a truck whose time on this earth is over, we can help make the disposal of said truck so much easier on you. We do this via a number of ways. One of those ways is by paying you the best cash for it. What better incentive to choose us to sell your truck to? In fact, we pay well up to $15’000 cash for trucks of all shapes and sizes.

The process of finding out the value of your truck

Many people are curious as to how we do such a good job at placing monetary value on scrap vehicles. Because let’s face it, a vehicle that has been severely damaged isn’t easy to valuate. One needs to look at what parts on that truck can be salvaged. One must also calculate how much any particular make or model is in demand, as this will influence how much it is worth.

Fortunately, we have a team of incredibly skilled auto dismantlers and vehicle recycling experts. When you contact us, we will just need to know the above details, like the trucks age, make, model and condition. Then we will be able to provide you with a free quote offer as quickly as we possibly can. The quote in question is not only free, but will come with no obligation to accept it.

Free Scrap Truck Pickup Service Wellington Wide

When you shop around for different auto wrecking companies to sell your scrap truck to, you will find many that will buy your truck just fine. As long as you don’t mind hiring a company to tow the truck to their salvage yard first. Then they will look at it, offer you cash, and by then you will be obliged to accept.

Then there will be the vehicle wrecking companies who have tow trucks of their own. They pick your car up after paying you for it. But they never tell you that they factored in how much the removal would cost beforehand. They effectively hid the cost of removal from you. We do neither of those things. Instead, we provide the removal process of your truck entirely for free. No charges included. We will take that cost of removal on our shoulders. We care about our customers too much to make them have to pay for removal.

No Truck Make Is Rejected – Dead or Alive!

There is no scrap truck that can never be driven again that we wouldn’t buy. The truth is that every truck is worthy of our hard-earned dollars. You shouldn’t have to miss out on being able to sell a scrap truck as fast as within less than a day just because the truck is the wrong make or model. This is why the make or model of truck you are selling won’t cause us to turn our noses up and reject it. Here are just a few truck makes: Ford, Toyota Hilux, Holden Colorado, Isuzu, BMW, Hino, Volvo, Fuso, Mack, Man, Mercedes Benz, Mazda and Nissan Navara. We buy all of those and more.

We Recycle Scrap Trucks Correctly

The most important part of our whole enterprise is the recycling. All the metals that make up your average vehicle were mined from the ground at some point. The bad thing about mining is the pollution that is produced as a result. There is a lot of it, and one form of it is the carbon that is released. Climate change gets a lot of help from the mining industry. When metals are recycled, that is metal that didn’t need to be mined. That is what we do. We make sure that the whole automobile is recycled, for the good of the planet.

The Process of Truck Wrecking in Wellington

We start the recycling process by making sure that there are no fluids, such as engine oil, coolant and brake fluid, left in the vehicle. These liquids are not good for the local plant and wildlife. If we start without draining them, the fluids will make a giant mess. The cleaning of which will result in said fluids going down the drains and into the waterways. After that, we dismantle and recycle. Parts that are in good enough condition for resale are cleaned up, tested and added to our used part stock. People who need replacement parts can buy them from us at affordable prices.

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Have you made the wise decision to sell your scrap truck to us and get the best possible cash amount in return? Call us at 0800 699 996 or fill out the quote request form on our website. We are looking forward to hearing from you and buying your scrap truck too!


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