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Toyota RAV4 Dismantling Wellington

Hello Wellingtonians, we dismantle, wreck, dispose and recycle couple of Toyota RAV4’s on average per week. We love buying used, broken, scrap or unwanted Rav4’s on daily basis and pay top cash for that. We do not really care about the condition of your Toyota because we have to go through dismantling process at the end.

wrecked Toyota rav4

The Process of Dismantling a Toyota Rav4:

  1. Initial preparation
  2. The most important step to remove the engine
  3. Strip the complete engine compartment
  4. The process of stripping the undercarriage
  5. Car body dismantling
  6. At last, removal of vehicle’s interior.

Got a question? Have a chat with your local Toyota dismantler Wellington expert today.

Second hand Toyota Rav4 spare parts Lower North Island

Get an awesome experience of buying Toyota RAV4’s genuine parts or accessories on affordable prices. We have a huge inventory of Toyota car parts. Feel free to get in touch and get the price for the desired parts or accessories. We are one of the biggest suppliers of used car parts in lower north island.

used parts Toyota

Do you want to sell your Toyota Rav4 for top cash price?

Are you at a loss as to how you can sell your Toyota RAV4 within one day? This is a common problem among folks who need quick cash. The most expensive thing they own could get them the money they need, but they have to wait a few weeks before someone snaps it up. There is good news. Welly scrap yard in Wellington, the area’s top cash for Toyota service, buy all vehicles. And they do so within the same day. This is a god-send for people who need cash fast.

Top Cash for Toyota Rav4 Free Quotes

It isn’t as hard as you think to get a free quote nowadays. This is true for owners of all cars, not just the Toyota RAV4. But this is about the Toyota RAV4. So, if you are after a fair and accurate estimate on the value of your Toyota RAV4, don’t hesitate for a moment longer. You need to jump onto the phone and dial the magic numbers 0800 699 996, or if you prefer you can fill out the form on our website called free scrap car valuation.

Toyota RAV4 Wreckers & Removal Wellington

Is your Toyota RAV4 running? Whether it is or isn’t you can enjoy our free removal service. It is especially handy for anyone whose vehicle isn’t in driving condition. We come to your place and assess the vehicle’s worth at an even more accurate level before paying you cold hard cash on the spot. Once we own the car it is then our responsibility to haul it or tow it away to our place of business.

wreckers toyota

Sell Your Toyota RAV4 in Any Condition – Dead or Alive!

There are so many ways that a vehicle can be written off or totalled. If your Toyota RAV4 has been the victim of extreme misfortune and you are worried that in its condition no-one will buy it, worry no more. We will buy it off you whether it has been in a crash, flood or fire. This is because we will always be able to find something of value on your vehicle, such as parts and material.

Top Cash for Toyota Rav4 in Wellington (Instant Cash)

The most stressful part of selling a vehicle is not getting the amount that you feel it deserves. This is because the buyer will want to buy it off you at a bargain. Here at Welly scrap yard, we are not out to rip anyone off. We will pay up to $15’000 for your Toyota RAV4 depending on its condition. So, what are you waiting for? Call us toll free – 0800 699 996.

Get your FREE Cash Quote Now!

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